Pointing a Finger

Over the last couple of days the above meme has popped up a few times on my various social media accounts. Usually accompanied by a SERIOUSLY or a I KNOW, RIGHT!? All I can think is how well the lies are sticking in peoples minds.

Pointing Is Rude

I always learned that pointing my finger was rude. When you point a finger, three more are pointing at yourself. It is so easy to point the finger at the weakest in society. They are the ones surviving on hand-outs. All these immigrants that come here to take advantage of our welfare system. All those lazy unemployed bastards that would rather watch TV then do an honest day’s work. Right? WRONG!

Oh, it is what the media wants us to think. The rich and influential pay good money to point our fingers in the right direction. Anywhere but to them really. I cannot understand how people still cannot see that it is not the vulnerable that made our economies collapse, that take most of the tax payers money AND that commit the most fraud. Time to wake up people! It is the rich and powerful that are playing the system. Your taxes fund the bankers, the oil magnates and the politicians that overstate their expense claims.

Cancer To This World

I was particularly outraged at David Cameron’s Christmas speech. He called for more Christian Values to be upheld. The hypocrisy of that statement still makes my blood boil (honestly, you should feel sorry for the pounding my keyboard is taking just now). For me the three pillars of the Christian believe are:

  • Love thy neighbour
  • Care for the poor and vulnerable
  • Cut down the corrupt and the greedy.

Now Mr Cameron, can you please explain to me where your policies do any of this? You point your greedy finger at the immigrants (of which I am in fact one), you cut and cut and ostracize the poor and vulnerable at any opportunity, all while filling the pockets of your rich little palls. You, Mr Cameron are a cancer to this world. One I hope will be cut out, before you proof fatal. Read a bible before you EVER dare talk about Christian values again!

To the Poster and Sharers

Before you post ignorant posts like the one above, just think. Think for three seconds. Do not take all your information from traditional media. The elite is shaping your every thought. Just like with any murder mystery, follow the money. Who has most to gain from the status quo? Is it really the poor who are scrapping by on benefits? Or is it maybe the big corporations that get away with not paying any taxes? Is it the people killing themselves for minimum wage? Or the bosses that make more in a week then their staff in a year? Just for a moment, consider who has more to gain from you blaming the poor and vulnerable…



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