Letter to Westminster

Waking up to the news of the No victory was such a hangover, I had high hopes that Scotland would throw the shackles of their toxic union. But as I was thinking about things and washing off the party of last night it struck me, and here is what I would like to say to those in Westminster counting your blessings:

I know you only care about the final percentage and I am sure you are celebrating that you managed to scare enough people into voting no. And as you believe yourselves untouchable, you will not spare a second thought to those who stood against you.

But don’t forget: 45% of the Scottish people have seen through your abuse, have unmasked your Lie Dispensing Machine called the BBC, and have seen that you panic when your citizens stand and speak up together. And that is just in Scotland, but we don’t stand alone. Sure you won this battle, but the war on corrupt and unfair governance is not yet fought. And so as the Scots move on and stand shoulder to shoulder to continue building a country they can proudly call their own, the people that have caught on to your deception will not close their eyes again. In fact, they will keep looking, keep sharing their stories and keep exposing your toxicity to the world. We have seen behind your mask, we know what you look like.

And so, have your party today but know that your days are counted and you will be held accountable for your actions. For the people that stood up to you, are part of a new generation. We no longer accept that you abuse this country and the world for your own personal gain. And we have seen your fear at the challenge. We have witnessed how the simplest of facts send you in a panic. And so today more than ever I say: the truth will set us free.


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