Okay, I guess I am a feminist…

I never really considered myself a feminist, but recently all these posts started littering my Facebook feed that mentioned feminism. I am nothing if not curious, so when finally Joseph Gordon-Levitt was labelled as a feminist, I had to know more…

So I started reading, and up popped his definition of feminism:

What that means to me is that you don’t let your gender define who you are—you can be who you want to be, whether you’re a man, a woman, a boy, a girl, whatever. However you want to define yourself, you can do that and should be able to do that, and no category ever really describes a person because every person is unique.

Well, that is a point of view I can subscribe to, so I guess that makes me a feminist.

Why I Never Connected the Dots

I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Gordon-Levitt here, but I guess I just never connected the dots. I suppose that is mostly because I did (and do) not necessarily think only of women, or even of gender when it comes to feeling people should be able to be who they want to be. Maybe that is why I did not subscribe to the notion of feminism.


Okay, I’Il be honest: maybe I was guilty of feeling shame about using the f-word… you know, that label that describes the men-hating-bra-burning-unshaven-ugly-masculine-secretly-lesbian women in the world (forgive me if I have skipped a few prejudices here).

I am just tired

You know what, I am a feminist! I would like for women to be treated like fully rounded human-beings, with a whole and not just half a brain and the right to make decisions about their bodies, their lives and their world.

This may come as a surprise to some people (some of them men) but being a woman I do not just drink cups of tea or watch daytime television. Oh, and furthermore thinking about current affairs and making up my mind about said current affairs does not, I repeat NOT, hurt my brain.

You know what?


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